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Greddy Twin Turbo Kit


The wait is over! After almost a year of secret testing, speculation for the kit is now over and are finally here! These kits include dual 18G turbos, dual external wastegates, E manage, 440cc injectors, and all necessary hardware for a proper installation. Must be installed by a competent installer, as its quite involved.

Also available is the optional front mount intercooler set. Features dual inlet, single outlet endtanks, and full polished piping. Blow off valve is not included, but highly recommended.

Parts List

  • (2) TDO5H-18G Turbos
  • (2) Cast-Iron Manifolds
  • (2) Ext. Type T Wastegates
  • (1) E-manage
  • (6) 440cc Injectors
  • (2) Airinx AY-SB
  • All Necessary Piping
  • All Necessary Hardware

Install Time

Despite what Greddy tells you, it's a 40 - 50 Hour job.

Base PSI


Base Dyno

RWHP: 334

RWT: 339




  • The TDO5H-18G are pretty big turbos, which allows you to push the boost up and not have to upgrade the turbos when you go forged internals.
  • The best part about this kit (some would disagree) is the E-Manage system. It allows you to plug in harnesses for timing, fuel pressure, wideband sensor, pressure sensor, and so on. This adds a lot of flexibility to the E-01 display and keeps everything in one neat little package.


$5,995.00 with optional intercooler


  • Strong upgradability, well into 500 rwhp with Forged Internals
  • Decent Parts
  • Cheap Price
  • E-Manage (Some people hate it, I love it)


  • Cheap Wategate Manifolds in the first few kits (poor Creampuff)
  • Tough at times to find support from Greddy
  • Long install time
  • Not a complete solution for over 370 to the wheels. To achive over 370 you have to address fuel and timing
  • You have to remove the front support bar

Recommended Install List

This is a list of all the items that I feel should be purchased and installed with the Greddy kit. In my mind, this is a perfect set up, and it happen's to be my setup as well. If you/your installer is going to be installing the kit on your car, you might as well save install time by having this all done at once. There is no sense installing the kit and taking it apart 6 months later to do these installs. I wish I would have installed all of this at the same time, but I did not. Hindsight is always 20/20.

  • Greddy TT Kit with FMIC ($5995)
  • Profec E01 Boost Controller ($505)
  • 1 Step Colder Copper Spark Plugs ($40)
  • WB Sensor ($500)
  • (2) E01 External Hanesses ($40)
  • E-Manage Pressure Sensor Harness ($30)
  • Crawford Cats ($450)
  • Crawford Plenum ($395)
  • Crawford Strut Bar ($175)
  • Walbro 255 ($120)
  • Aeromotive 1:1 FPR ($129)
  • Fuel Return Lines ($20)
  • Borla True Dual Exhaust ($675)
  • Turbonetics Waste Gate Gaskets ($20)
  • JWT Clutch ($400)
  • JWT Flywheel ($400)
  • JWT Oil Pan Spacer ($100)
  • E-Manage Timing Harness and rectifier diodes ($50)
  • Greddy Type S BOV ($60)

Total Hardware: $10104

Total Labor: $3000

Grand Total: $13104

With this setup, you have addressed drivetrain, exhaust, timing, and fuel. This setup should yield around 430 HP/T at 8 PSI.

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